Thursday, 4 August 2011


Friendship is one of the best relations that one can make. Its something we our self choose without any force. Friendship has many aspects attached with it. It is really an awesome feeling being in real good friendship with someone. It demands perseverance and patience for striking a healthy friendship. Off late whenever i pondered upon the nature of friendship, i had a sorry feeling over the state of friendship today. In this age of competition friendship seeks motive and demands utility of the person or the things associated with him/her. and therefore wherever the balance strikes a so called friendship happens and as usual it comes with the old Chinese tag : "without warranty". That's what the demand of time is because people don't have perseverance and patience that a lifelong friendship demands. That's where the occasions like friendship day gains much importance. People tend to remember their golden old days of friendship and the new generation sees it an opportunity to have fun. Just like anything, nature of friendship has changed its form over the years and probably we need to accept the hard core reality of friendship days as an opportunity of meeting our old buddies and reliving some of the old nostalgic days. We can do nothing as of now but to succumb to this modern day tradition. Real friendship is really tough these days. A few days ago i issued some good and inspirational books from the library to go through and it was the exam time. The moment i placed them to the person who issues the book, he gave me a suspicious look as if i was committing an offence. I just wondered how the time has changed, friendship with friends and the books is no longer a walk around the park
To All My Good Friends....:- 'Your friendship matters to me a lot'.....

Sunday, 5 June 2011


Time yet again has left us behind, far behind than we ever thought of. Really there is no substitute of time.. The earlier we realize it, the better it for us.We all gotta go one-day. Much as the same way my final year seniors made their way out. It must have been an emotional moment for each of them. Even a second year student like me who didn't even know any of them personally could not stop thinking about their departure so i guess there is nothing more to say about their way of thinking. Standing alone on a hot day and given a camera to lock some of the finest memory of my seniors' college life was a phenomenal as well as a touching moment for me. I suddenly become more mature and started pondering over lot many things. I even placed myself in their shoes and felt deeply for each one of them who came to the college being home sick and are leaving as a college sick. This is where time has its own importance because once gone its never gong to come back. Live it my dear friends. Life is very interesting. make sure you don't have time for hatred and anger, let us all understand the beauty of life and value the time.
                    A few words for my outgoing seniors:-
                     There is never a right time to say goodbye,
                     But we know that we gotta go
                     Our separate ways
                     And I know it's hard but i gotta do it
                     And it's killing me.
                     Cause there's never a right time
                     Right time to say goodbye.
                     Say goodbye.....................................  

Monday, 23 May 2011


Its may end and temperature is soaring high with time making life a little more tough than what it is actually is.... Quite an adjustment is needed to be made n thats what adds to the beauty of the world.. life has many lessons to teach n every day adds experience to our kitty... Lots of struggle n hard work may find us our way... Amongst lots of tension there are moments of masti n excitement... A true n supportive friend is very influential in this regard n inspires us to achieve many aims that may somehow be hindered when we are directionless... This is quite a life n i believe we must live it to the fullest...
                Just enjoy these days frnds.... coz its going to make you struggle hard n bring the best out of us.... I hope we become people with good civic senses n responsible too...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Everyday is just a gift and there is a lot to learn from things happening around. Lately I started pondering on every minute things that had happened with me and when life's too fast, I paused a little to just see how a static body would feel when it views life going so fast.This is same analogy that I find with my engineering studies. A lot many things in mind to do but when I see the pace life is moving with, I pull myself back probably thinking I might lose myself in this wild race. But then when you travel the 'the less traveled way' these things might happen time and again. But then as i said there is something to learn from each moment in life, I am ready to take the challenge n would do my best to bring into reality my dreams and aspirations. God plays a vital role in all our lives and we need to find the resonance between us. may god help me achieve those heights...