Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Identity Crisis

We are living in a world where people are more desperate than ever in making their identity felt. When the competition becomes fierce it definitely leads to a crisis & that is what an identity crisis. Quite contrasting to it was the first & the final letter of Rohith where he says their identity has been reduced to a vote, a mere number. I therefore think it makes sense to write on the reasons of this identity crisis.
1.       CASTE SYSTEM:
                            The most resounding background for an identity crisis is the separation of some people on the basis of caste. It is very well known that all persons are born with a heart, 2 hands, 2 kidneys, a brain etc. Both internally & externally, the composition remains same. God never made a discrimination, did he? No, a big No. When will we as humans with highest education understand this simple truth? We stand no right to reserve ourselves a place in heaven if we continue to ignore this simple fact that all are equal irrespective of their caste, creed & gender. How can one be a proud Indian when one discriminates one’s own countrymen. Reservation therefore is an act of separating people as reserved contrary to the very purpose of equality. Although reservation may provide with job opportunities & representation but who will ensure the respect & participation of the so called backward classes in the mainstream?
                                                Today people still disregard the backward castes & harijans in spite of their representation at every walk of life. So overall the situation remains more or less the same with only a fraction of them managing to live with better standard of living & therefore continuing to take advantage of the reservation policy, the larger part still distant from the mainstream. The social harmony therefore hasn’t improved much since independence. The harijans continue to face the perils of the caste system & upper caste has refused to give away their casteist ideology. The devil being an orthodox thinking. To change this we need to work from the school level only, inculcating love , brotherhood, unbiased outlook & more importantly participatory enthusiasm. To remove casteism out of the society we need to overlap it with much aspects of love, fraternity & respect to all. Probably doing way with surnames  will do some good & the better way of is to put your father or mother’s name as surname so that one may be remembered by one’s parents’ name. The much larger vision would be to make India the biggest religion of all adopting all good things of all religions & boycotting the social enigmas prevalent in our society much like sati, dowry. Let us make India the sea where all caste, religion come & become one. Let  it be the first religion for all Indians doing away with caste bigotry.

                                      This when coupled with caste discrimination attracts heavy identity crisis. While we see some economically & politically strong families from Harijans & backward classes finding acceptability  in society, most oppressed people come of from the economically weaker sections & that too from the backward & harijan sections. These are people who find it difficult to make both their ends meet. Their identity is in danger. So basically after freedom, the Haves have continued to oppress the have-nots. Why is this disparity so high? It is because we Indians have never seriously wanted to uplift them & often pretended to be their godfathers in turn filling our pockets. Their identity is no more than a vote. Isn’t the government equally responsible for it as the haves are? The haves have mostly taken all the benefits meant for the economically weaker sections of the society illegally. Be it scholarships, merit schemes, ration cards, subsidies, land allotment etc. Fake affidavits & income certificates have often defied the rightful their place. We Indians love loopholes. We can built a palace out of it. Shame on all of those who have contributed to the poor’ identity crisis. The recent Panama papers revealed 612 Indians having their illegal firms based at tax havens, thereby denying the poor the tax money which would have helped the govt to improve the standard of living of the poor.
                             Why does it happen that we bargain heavily with the local vegetable vendor but not at malls & other outlets. The poor vegetable vendor has no other options to sell it otherwise he will be at loss, therefore he reduces his profit so that his children may not sleep without food. On the other hand, people pay whatever being charged by the outlet owners without bargaining because it can dent their social identity. This is how we are wrong at the right place. It leads to economic disparity leading to another identity crisis.

                               This one is the latest in creating an identity crisis. The younger generation with the advent of internet & social networking, are more influenced by the west & western culture. Their dressing sense, hair style, outlook etc are heavily attracted by the west, on the bargain leaving our cultural values wanting. This has often led to a friction between the older generation & the younger generation. Although there is nothing much alarming about this identity clash but at the backdrop of it is our commitment towards the country. Like for example many Indians find it disrespecting to talk in Hindi. Some find it very embarrassing touching feet of the elders. Some consider Hindi speaking, ethnic dress wearing as inferior Indians. To everybody’s surprise the young educated Indians also have inherited the racial discrimination from the west, especially towards the North East Indians. What use is this education if it cannot open one’s eyes about the reality of life. So the question is, are we becoming blinder to the realities of life while inheriting the western traditions.  Why do we compromise our sense of being Indians when dealing with the west.

                                          Men & women are created equal. Like every action has a reaction so with every man there is a woman thereby balancing the system. So every women & men have equal rights.  Any system with unequal weights would lead to an unbalanced system & we all know that unequal system results in collapse. Therefore it is imperative for us to consider women & men as equals. It is time when we overcome our patriarchal ideology to make way for much liberal thinking based on reasoning & logic rather than on social dogmas. The rising no of cases against women is the resultant of this gender identity crisis where in spite of knowing the science of equality, men continue to ignore it by suppressing the women. Our patriarchal society is not able to digest the emergence of women as an equal force & therefore leads to a crisis. The recent cases of Sabrimala, Shani Mahadev temple, Hazi Ali Dargah, triple talaq etc are the live example of a bitter crisis in the name of gender which our constitution has out righty discarded. It is time we open our eyes & accept the identity of women as an equal force.

                                                     Recently there has been a trend of becoming self proclaimed nationalists. The only test to pass to become a self proclaimed nationalist is to hold up the Indian flag chanting the slogan of Bharat Mata ki Jai. Any hypocrite may find this way easier of proclaiming nationalism. After all is just an act & hypocrites are masters in acting.  Rest who may not act so well may be called anti-nationals & arrangement for their way to other countries are made by them. A big joke, very insane. This is an identity crisis.
             Those who call themselves Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian etc first before being an Indian are the biggest bigots & hypocrite. Questioning somebody’s integrity towards the nation is unwarranted, because as a friend in need is a friend indeed similarly the Indian in crisis  is Indian indeed. During crisis the hypocrites will be the first to run away. Therefore do not become self proclaimed nationalists & do not question anybody’s  integrity as a crisis only will better tell. Do not create an IDENTITY CRISIS.

( Opinions are personal & not directed at any individual).