Thursday, 15 January 2015

In search of peace

The whole idea of being on earth as I have realised over the last 2 years after pondering for days & nights is to find real satisfaction that gives one peace of mind. It is indeed a very tough task for all - those who have mone, those who dont have money & those who have little & probably need a few more. The human greed indeed often grows no matter where we stand today. I was , days back talking to my friend who earns a hefty sum of a month, complaining that it is not sufficient for him to sustain well in society. I was wondering how in life all humans just dont have an end to their desires & wishes. This is indeed the root cause of us falling prey to the materiastic needs. Aren't people earning lesser than him living?? We all are therefore somewhere handcuffed in a world of desires which are never ending. It is very simple to understand that money is just a matter of airthmatic as it adds, sometimes reduces, for some it multiplies & many divide it as well. But the matter of fact remains that the life can be made beautiful but deriving the maximum level of satisfaction by doing the work we are passionate for. The equations of life then would look easier & comprehensible.
                        Today when one looks around we find all the people wearing a mask of showoff. The emotions of love, compassion, humbleness & humanity does not have an invitation to our dictionaries & looks more often that these words are resting well in peace. But we have to understand that life can only be rejuvenated when one understands that the beauty of life lies in simple moments of realisation of the magic that we create everyday by feeling the gravity the emotions mentioned above, carries. The mantra of living a happening life is breaking the so called shackles of life which has imprisioned us ever since we lost the innocense of a child & declared ourself as grown up. I think that as we have grown up, we have become mature & therefore sometimes too serious about life, taking deep dives in the ocean of thinking, which perhaps is not required most of the times. To smile naturally greeting someone seems a distant dream long achieved. To help someone in need & showing gratitude to people who have stayed with us at tougher times seems like the script of scriptures that were written decades back. The pace of life today has geared up so highly that we have started ignoring the simplicity of life. This is where we need to find the peace. The search of peace has just begun.......