Wednesday, 25 January 2012


            I have always been a bright student for all my teachers who have taught or more or so dealt with me. During my childhood days the first biggest challenge as a student was to do well in the secondary class and i was really fortunate to come out with real flying colors. Then the obvious question one had to answer is what are you going to opt for your higher grades.And then really we students in India had limited choices in our plate and without even pondering over such vital issues I made a move as do most of the students across the nation. As I grew up I realized that that was a bad move I made. Deep into the bowels of this notion I suspect, is yet one of the reasons apart from corruption, politics etc that has contributed its part for our slow race towards the top. The question then circles around the education system as well the social model of our society.
             The reason I bring the education system into this context is to juxtapose the pros and cons of the same as an effect on the young Indian minds which some has not learned to be wit-full enough to take a decision not to penance ever in life. Our education system has not let us develop the potential of  innovative thinking and that is why I find myself on such desultory roads which leads to rather hazy destination. But then life as a teacher has taught me what our so called education system failed to do and that is why I criticize this section of our education system which otherwise has not been that worse as some people make out. So in solidarity with the system I just propose to welcome the new traits that is "the demand of the hour'. I think a progressive thinking is always necessary for marching in tune with the complex world.
                                                                                                           The other reason for young Indian minds not to unfold their wings of innovative thoughts is the social model of our orthodox society. The peer pressure as well as the expectations of the parents coupled with their name and fame at stake in the society never lets one in the comfort zone of his/her own and then one has to succumb to this pressure to go to the much less expected destination. This is the grave reality of this great country. Many of my fellow countrymen would agree with me on this as a huge proportion of  us are on such desultory roads. This is one such thing which needs attention of our policy makers so that within good-time we make good the bad. A huge revolution is necessary to eliminate the above mentioned flaws existing in our country. We need to be innovative and invest into visionary thoughts in our young minds as quoted beautifully by an anonymous teenager:-
                                " We are born unarmed. Our mind is our only weapon. Small minds think about the people that affect the future, average minds think about things in the future, great minds think of making the future a reality."